We're excited to announce that we now offer the ability to replace, reprice, or remove core deposit accounts from your opportunities in PrecisionLender.


We've offered the ability to add new deposits in the past, but RMs can now reflect the profitability of their relationships with updated or removed deposit accounts. This feature is included in the core PrecisionLender product offering, and is available to everyone with Relationship Awareness that uses deposits. 


When looking at the Deposit product within your opportunity, you'll see a Replace, Reprice, or Close dropdown which will allow you to indicate that an active Deposit account tied to that relationship is being closed.




When an existing Deposit is marked as being replaced, you'll be able to see that reflected in the If We Win column of the Relationship tab. You'll also see a check mark in the Replace & Close column in the Existing Accounts section.




We are so excited to offer this new functionality. If you have any questions, see our support article on Repricing Deposits or contact our Support team.