In PrecisionLender, you have the ability to reprice, replace, or close core deposit accounts in opportunities.

From the Opportunity screen, select the Deposits tab to add a deposit product.


On the Deposits screen, select the arrow next to Add Deposit. Here you will see a list of possible Deposit Products that you can add to the Opportunity. This list is completely configurable and should represent the types of Deposits that you typically price at your institution. You can also search for the desired product.

Select the applicable deposit product name from the list.


In the Replace, Reprice, or Close field, check the box next to the existing deposit accounts you would like to replace, reprice, or close.

  • Reprice – Allows you to reprice an existing, interest-bearing deposit account.
  • Replace - Allows you to replace a core deposit account with another account.
  • Close – Allows you to close and remove an existing core loan account. 

Once you have selected, replaced and closed the appropriate accounts, you can reprice the deposit by entering an amount in the Balance field.


For more information on setting up deposit products, see Setting up Deposit Products.