• We've added the "Infer Curve Type Based on Family" and "Funding Curve" fields to the Funding Package printout
  • We've added a checkbox to "Show Disabled Indices" at the bottom of the Custom Indices table in the Administration section. Previously, we always showed disabled custom indices in the table, but now admins can choose to show or hide them.
  • We've updated the "None" prepayment option to be more descriptive; instead of displaying "None", we will now display "None (No Prepayment Option Selected)"
  • We've added an "Allow Single Guarantee Only" option in the Product setup so admins can limit the guarantees applied to an opportunity. By default, this will not be enabled.
  • We've updated the Product setup and Assumptions screens to display "Monthly Expenses" instead of "Costs" in the Activity Types section for Other Products



Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where fast-forwarding a Rate Sheet would display an error message when the Allowable Rate Types had changed between the original and new pricing dates
  • We've fixed a bug where opportunities were frozen in an invalid state when some core loan account values were erroneously negative.