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Service User Account Access for PrecisionLender API

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In order to use the PrecisionLender API at least one Service User account will need to be setup and enabled.  Service User accounts add an additional layer of security and provide a more reliable audit trail.



  • PrecisionLender user with Manage Users and Manage Access rights
  • Service User API access enabled by PrecisionLender

Getting Started

There are two steps involved to setup Service User Accounts:


Step 1: Enable a PrecisionLender user to setup the Service Accounts

In the Administration section a user with Manage Access rights will need to add the Manage API Access right to a new or existing Security Profile for users that can create Service User Accounts. 


Shows the new


Step 2: Set up the Service User Account

In the Administration Section a user with the Manage API Access right will need to setup a new Service User account.



Service User Account Fields

  • Name
    • Name required for all API calls
  • Key
    • Key required for all API calls
    • Unique to each Service User account
  • Client ID
    • Required for all API calls
    • PrecisionLender assigned identifier for your bank
  • Enabled
    • Service User can be disabled by unchecking this box
    • Service Users cannot be deleted, only disabled
  • Service User Roles Assignment 
    • Service Users can have multiple roles (Ex. Admin, User Management or Reporting)
    • Note: It is recommended to create separate Service Users for critical use cases such as Data Ingress, CRM Integration or LOS Integration roles to prevent confusion or downtime if keys get removed or regenerated. 


Next Steps

If you would like to use the PrecisionLender API, please contact us by submitting a support request with "API Access Request" as the subject line. From there the PrecisionLender Integrations team will be in touch to enable access and help you get started.


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