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Release Notes 2017-02-21

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Important New Features


Additional Features and Bug Fixes

Opportunities and Relationships

  • Relationship IDs listed at the top of the relationship page will no longer overflow on the page if there are many IDs listed
  • Changed "NIACC" to "Net Income Delta" in the Dashboard Export to better describe the actual calculation
  • Fixed an issue related to opening past opportunities after changing Swaps providers
  • Fixed an issue related to updating pricing assumptions in an opportunity
  • Corrected the format of relationship IDs on the relationship screen
  • Andi® will no longer suggest converting a loan to its own product type
  • Added the ability for RA clients to directly supply LTV for loans
  • Changed the servicing field in the Participations popup to be annual instead of monthly
  • Added the ability to map Index Scaling Factor in RA
  • Fixed an issue where updating the pricing date would not update the prepayment options correctly
  • When you are above your target ROE, Andi® will now tell you that you can lower your rate and still reach the target.
  • Fixed an issue so that Andi®'s popup now displays correctly on iPad
  • Fixed an issue where the Rate Type field was being compressed for certain products
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from being able to save opportunities
  • "Commercial" is now spelled correctly in the Need Help? dialog box
  • Default collateral on a loan will now update if the LTV or commitment changes on a loan in RA.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect calculations for expenses on activity-based fees
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the loan loss reserves for loans with participations to be exaggerated
  • Fixed some calculations for deposit accounts with earnings credits and multiple tiers
  • Added guarantor risk rating to the Full Opportunity printout


Data Feeds

  • IQY data feed downloads are now versioned
  • Added a Competitors field to the All Opportunities data feed



  • Fixed an issue with editing a product before the regions finished loading
  • We now display the product being copied when publishing changes in the products grid, to allow for copying settings from one region to others inside the same product
  • Fixed an issue where settings weren't saving on the Product page
  • Enlarged the trash can icons in the opportunity stages section
  • Added a Pricing Indication history to the Rates & Indices section
  • Increased the size of the Officer Codes input
  • Added Default Swap Profit setting on product types which allow swaps
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