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2017-02-18 - Funding Packages

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Today we are making a change to how you set up your Funding Assumptions. In the past, these settings have been part of the Region settings but they will now be part of Funding Packages.

Funding Packages are the set of funding assumptions that will be used to price a loan. Once a Funding Package has been set up, any number of regions can be set to use that Funding Package. This will require no current changes on your part although we may be reaching out to help you optimize your Funding Package.

The biggest advantages of the change to Funding Package, will be:

  • The ability to update one Funding Package and have those changes apply to all regions that use that Funding Package.
  • The ability to have multiple Funding Packages per region, and allow the lender to choose which Funding Package to use on a per loan basis.
    • This functionality is only available with certain modules, and may be an added cost. Please contact us if you are interested in turning this on.

 For more information visit Setting Up Funding Packages


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