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Payment Frequency Options

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This article covers the payment frequency options that you can choose when you're pricing opportunities in PrecisionLender.

Click the chevron icon (Chevron icon) to the right of "Interest Options" to open the Interest Options popup (shown below). Click the drop-down arrow next to "Payment Frequency" to see the available payment options.

The Interest Options popup, shown here, lets you select your payment frequency


You can choose from the following payment frequency options, depending on how often you expect payment to occur:

  • Monthly - for payments that occur once a month
  • Quarterly - for payments that occur once a quarter
  • Semi-Annually - for payments that occur twice a year
  • Annually - for payments that occur once a year
  • At Maturity - for payments that will occur at maturity


For amortizing loans with level payments, you can set the first payment month to control when the first payment occurs. In the Interest Options popup, click the checkbox next to "First Payment at Month" and enter the month that you'd like the first payment to occur. Once the first payment is scheduled, all subsequent payments will be scheduled according to the payment frequency. You can see your Opportunity's amortization table by going to Advanced Analytics, if your local Administrator has given you access.

You can choose the first month that payment will occur, as shown here

Click anywhere on the Opportunity screen to save your changes and close the the Interest Options popup.


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