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2017-04-20 - Recommended Draw Schedule

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Andi® can now recommend a draw schedule when you're pricing an Opportunity with a payment type of "Scheduled Draws." Andi® uses contextual data including the information in PrecisionLender about similar loans, your bank’s relationship with the client, and the structure of the Opportunity to create a recommended draw Schedule that you can choose to use.

When Andi® has a recommended draw schedule, you'll see a link letting you know that Andi® can set a draw schedule for you when you click on Andi®'s logo (Andi's logo, shown here, is located in the lower part of the Opportunity Screen.) in the lower part of the Opportunity Screen, or when you click in the "Schedule" field. You can then click on Andi®'s recommendation to add her suggested draw schedule to your Opportunity.


You still have the ability to manually enter each draw or add periodic draws to create a custom draw schedule when you need to.

For more information, see our articles about Using Scheduled Draws And Repays and Andi®.

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