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2017-06-12 - Release Notes

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Opportunities and Relationships

  • Improved the load speed of the Delivery to Promise dashboard
  • Fixed an issue so now Salesforce Loan-Centric opportunities cannot be deleted from the opportunity grid, and their stage and close dates cannot be changed from the grid.
  • Added an "All" checkbox to mark all existing accounts for a relationship as "at risk" when pricing an opportunity.
  • Fixed an issue where some opportunities containing multiple loans with custom amortizations schedules were not saving correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the close date was not updating correctly for Loan-Centric opportunities when a loan was deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where the cap/floor impact was being calculated for Swaps, but the cap/floor could not be removed without changing the rate type.
  • Added Close Date and Stage to the loan screen in PrecisionLender for Loan-Centric opportunities
  • Opportunities can now be successfully added to relationships on the Portfolio/Relationship Impact page.
  • The 'Disable Application Login' administrative setting now removes Add / Remove and New Opportunity buttons from the Relationship view and main menu..



  • The FHLB New York curve will no longer be included in the calculations for the FHLB Composite curve.
  • Users with the "API Access" rights can generate new keys for Service Users on the Edit Service Users page.
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