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2017-06-22 - Release Notes

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Important Announcements and New Features:


Additional Features and Bug Fixes:

Opportunities and Relationships

  • When the "Deposit/Other" option is selected from the New Opportunity product list, PrecisionLender will now display the Deposits tab instead of the list of Commercial Loan Products.
  • Notification emails generated when swaps are priced will now include the relationship name.
  • Increased Andi®'s reply speed for frequently asked questions.
  • Fixed an issue where the collateral drop-down would sometimes flicker and disappear.
  • Relationships that have associations will now be displayed in the Relationship Grid regardless of whether or not they contain core accounts.
  • Added a pop-up for Average/Max Balance to the Change in Deposit Balance column on the Delivery to Promise dashboard.



  • Added the ability to add allowable exposure types to products. If enabled, these can be added to an opportunity.
  • The ability to upload a custom logo will no longer require Manage Access; instead, system-wide Manage Assumptions will be the only permission required. Users who do not have the correct permission to upload logos will not be able to see the Upload button.
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