Additional Rate Sheet Features (Properties)

This page provides additional features for modifying a Rate Sheet.

Displays the property tab of a rate sheet with the following options


  • Calculations
    • The rounding field allows you to specify the rounding of each cell in the Rate Table
  • MarginMonitorTM
    • MarginMonitor allows you to be automatically notified by email if the offered rate goes a specified amount below your target.
      • Ex. If 1% is specified in the MarginMontior field and the Rate Table's Target is 10%, designated users will receive an email if the return achieved by the rate drops below 9%.
    • This is possible because the PrecisionLender application recalculates its rates every day based on the changes in the funding curves.
    • To turn on the MarginMonitor, click the "Properties" tab located at the far right of any rate sheet screen, and check the box next to "Monitor the margins for this Rate Sheet"
      • You can then complete the requested information to establish your monitoring "rules," including which email addresses to include on MarginMonitor emails.
  • Availability
    • The availability of the Rate Sheet can be modified by region.
  • Printing
    • Both the collateral percentage and LOC user percentage can be hidden for printing and distribution purposes.