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Additional Rate Sheet Features (Properties)

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This page provides additional features for modifying a Rate Sheet.

  • Calculations
    • The rounding field allows you to specify the rounding of each cell in the Rate Table
  • MarginMonitortm
    • This stand-out feature of the rate sheets allows you to be automatically notified if the offered rate goes a specified amount below your target.
      • Ex. If 1% is specified in the MarginMontiortm field and the Rate Table's Target is 10%, designated users will receive an email if the return achieved by the rate drops below 9%.
    • This is possible because the PrecisionLender application recalculates its rates every day based on the changes in the funding curves.
    • The body of the message can be customized.
    • You can also specify a secondary threshold to CC additional people in the notification to re-evaluate the Rate Sheet specified.
  • Availability
    • The availability of the Rate Sheet can be modified by region
  • Printing
    • Both the collateral percentage and LOC user percentage can be hidden for printing and distribution purposes
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