This article will discuss the different printouts that you can access from the Rate Sheets Screen.


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Accessing Rate Sheet Printouts

Printouts can be accessed from the "Print" drop-down menu on the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you need to email the details of a rate sheet, you can hit the "Print" button and attach the PDF that the tool generates to your email.


You also have the option to download the Publication Rate Sheet Printout from the Rate Sheet Grid. If a Rate Sheet hasn't been published yet, the PDF icon will be greyed out.


For Publication - Rate Sheet

What is the "For Publication Rate Sheet" for?

The Publication Rate Sheet Printout serves as an overview of the Rate Sheet and all of its encompassing Rate Tables.


What is on the "For Publication Rate Sheet?"

The top of the Publication Rate Sheet Printout contains the name of the Rate Sheet, the pricing date, and your company's logo. Each Rate Table that follows will list the name, assumptions and rates for that table. The rates within the table are sorted using the methodology listed in the grouping field. Any footnotes specified for a rate will be listed below the table.



For Committee - Rate Sheet

What is the "For Committee Rate Sheet" for?

The Committee Rate Sheet contains all of the Publication Rate Sheet details, plus any hidden information that would be important for a committee review. This option may not be visible if your administrator has not enabled it.


What is on the "For Committee Rate Sheet?"

The Committee Rate Sheet contains all of the information found in the Publication Rate Sheet above, as well as any additional modifications made in the properties tab. The additional items from the properties page include the rounding information, MarginMonitortm settings, and Rate Sheet availability by region.