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2017-07-17 - Release Notes

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Important Announcements and New Features


Additional Features and Bug Fixes

  • The opportunity printouts will no longer display the exposure type if the exposure type is 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where FTP values were not being calculated correctly in Relationship Awareness
  • Made a change so that now when we cannot map collateral for a loan in RA, we still process and display that loan instead of omitting the loan from showing.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the scenario summary, e.g. "5 year Fixed" instead of "5 years Fixed"
  • Removed the "Transfer" rights for Rate Sheets. The ability to transfer a rate sheet will now be controlled by the "Edit Any" right.
  • Added CenterState as swaps providers.
  • Corrected percentage of capital revenue to be calculated as annually instead of monthly.
  • Fixed an issue where Guarantor Risk Ratings would reset to their default when the guarantees box was closed. 
  • Improved the tax exempt calculations; raw interest income will no longer include the tax exempt values.
  • Fixed an issue where loans with the Letter of Credit payment type were not calculating FTP rates in RA.
  • Fixed an issue where users will no longer be able to enter swap fees if the indicative swap pricing data is not available.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to propagate changes to Commercial Loan Products would only propagate to a portion of the products.






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