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2017-08-14 - Release Notes

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  • There was a period of time in the first half of August 2017 where Admins were not able to create new Consumer Loan Products - this has been resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where users with View Only permission for Rate Sheets were not able to see the most recently published version of Rate Sheets.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some Relationships from being attached to Opportunities when pricing via the Salesforce Connector.
  • Resolved an issue where Risk Rating on Guarantors was not getting updated when the user fast forwarded the pricing date.
  • We corrected a problem where the active accounts data feed was returning duplicates - this also sped up downloads.



  • We made some improvements as to how we calculate fixed index rate scaling factor.
  • We added a filter field on the Funding Package screen entitled 'Funding Curve Family' to accommodate future functionality, Synthetic Funding Curves (release date TBD). For more information, visit Setting Up Funding Packages.
  • Added some extra validation to data uploaded via API - if the data sent to the PrecisionLender API is not correct, an error message will be returned.
  • PLI can now handle commas in file headers as long as they are in quotes (affects CSV files).
  • We improved error reporting to display helpful message when a file has been locked and is not accessible by PLI.
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