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2017-08-29 - New Scenario Layout

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The Scenario Builder has received a face lift to provide quicker and easier comparisons. A summary of what has changed and what stayed the same has been provided below. For more information about the using the new scenario builder, check out Using Scenarios.


What's Changed?



Scenario Builder was a small pop-up on the opportunity screen



Scenario Builder is a full-screen pop-up




New Features

Delete individual loan, deposit or other accounts from a scenario by clicking the icon (Delete.PNG). DeleteAccounts.PNG


See the profitability of each loan, deposit, and other accounts by clicking the icon (Chevron.PNG). The bar on the screen is a visual representation of profitability - the target is represented by the black line and the red bars signify below target, while the green bars signify at or above target. AccountProfitabilty.PNG

Slight Changes in Existing Features - Pricing and Pipeline Indicators


The indication of the scenario you're currently pricing on the opportunity page has changed.


it was highlighted in orange.



it is  highlighted in orange with the 'Pricing' header at the top on the scenario.





The way the Pipeline Scenario was selected has changed.


it was indicated by checking the 'Included in Pipeline' box.



it is indicated by clicking 'Make Pipeline Scenario'. Note: Current Pipeline Scenario is indicated by Blue 'Pipeline Scenario' label.

piplineold.PNG   PipelinePricingNew.PNG

What's Stayed the Same? 

  • Scenarios are still accessed on the opportunity screen by clicking the scenario drop down
  • New scenarios can be created by clicking the Camera Icon (SnippingTool.PNG). 



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