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Salesforce Loan-Centric Connector for PrecisionLender

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What is the Salesforce Loan-Centric Connector?

The Salesforce Loan Centric Connector bridges the gap between PrecisionLender Opportunities and Relationships and their associated Accounts and Objects in Salesforce. The Loan-Centric Connector enables lenders to access PrecisionLender from the Salesforce Account page, price a new opportunity in PrecisionLender and see the details of that priced Opportunity reflected within Salesforce without any additional login forms in the middle. We call this connector “Loan-Centric” because while an opportunity in PrecisionLender may include multiple loans, deposits or other fee-based products, the corresponding PrecisionLender Account objects that are created within Salesforce represent each piece of the PrecisionLender Opportunity separately. For example, a PrecisionLender Opportunity that includes two loan products and one deposit will result in three separate PrecisionLender Account objects within Salesforce.

Clients with Relationship Awareness in PrecisionLender and corresponding Accounts in Salesforce will also see Strategic Financial Statement information, such as the Strategic Net Income or Percentile ranking of the Relationship in PrecisionLender, in the respective Salesforce Account for each PrecisionLender Relationship. New PrecisionLender Opportunities created from Salesforce will automatically associate themselves with the respective Relationship, if it appears in both PrecisionLender and Salesforce.

Overview Diagram



Data transfer triggers

  1. Saving Opportunity in PrecisionLender triggers a data push to Salesforce to update (or create) and populate all related objects, sub-objects, and fields
  2. Saving PrecisionLender Account in Salesforce triggers update to related PrecisionLender Opportunity fields (Close Date, and Stage).
  3. Uploading Core Relationship data to PrecisionLender triggers recalculation and data push to related Salesforce Account custom fields

Salesforce Object


PrecisionLender Object

Syncing Direction


·         All Relationship Financial Statement Fields


PL → SF upon Core Relationship Data Upload to PL

PrecisionLender Account Container

·         PL Opportunity Name

·         Select Income Statement Fields


PL → SF upon save in PL


·         Scenario Name

·         Income Statement Fields


PL → SF upon Opportunity save in PL

PrecisionLender Account

·         Stage

·         Close Date

Loan, Deposit and Other Fee based Accounts

Bidirectional between PL and SF

PrecisionLender Account

·         Income Statement Fields 

Loan, Deposit and Other Fee based Accounts

PL → SF upon Opportunity save in PL




Currently the PrecisionLender Salesforce Connector requires some configuration and setup by our support team to get it hooked up to your Salesforce org.  However, this is a fairly simple process and our team is ready to assist you with the setup.



Handling the connection authentication between PrecisionLender and Salesforce:

The PrecisionLender Salesforce Connector is installed within your Salesforce org as a Connected App. This is a Salesforce Managed Package that creates the custom fields and objects that are later populated by the PrecisionLender Application.

The PrecisionLender Salesforce Connector installation process requires an existing Salesforce administrator to authorize the Connected App. Once the Connected App is authorized, the API handles the flow of data from PrecisionLender into Salesforce.

Authentication for pushing PrecisionLender data back into Salesforce is handled using the Web Server OAuth 2.0 Authentication Flow. This grants PrecisionLender a revocable token-based access to Salesforce without requiring us to have or store credentials. During installation, the Salesforce Administrator logs into Salesforce and grants the token, which we then store as part of the client settings in PrecisionLender. PrecisionLender only uses that provided OAuth token and OAuth authentication flow to communicate with Salesforce and never has the user credentials.

Here is a link to the API documentation section on our chosen method of authentication:


Authenticating Salesforce users into PrecisionLender

When a Salesforce user clicks the "Price in PrecisionLender" button on an Opportunity details page, the user is directed to PrecisionLender and authenticated using a payload containing a username, a unique client identifier, and an API Key for that client. If all three of these pieces of information match the corresponding values within PrecisionLender, the user is automatically authenticated and logged into the PrecisionLender application.


Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: How does a PrecisionLender Opportunity become linked to Salesforce?

A: Only Opportunities priced using the "Price in PrecisionLender" button within Salesforce will be linked back to the corresponding Accounts within Salesforce.  Opportunities that were created directly within PrecisionLender will not be connected to Salesforce in any way.


Q: How does a PrecisionLender Relationship become linked to an Account within Salesforce?

A: As part of the Relationship Awareness functionality, your bank provides a periodic data feed to PrecisionLender containing a hashed "Relationship Identifier".  This is typically sourced from a core system, data warehouse, or other system and it is cryptographically hashed before being sent to PrecisionLender's servers.

If your Salesforce system contains this same identifier, the PrecisionLender Salesforce connector will perform the same hashing function within Salesforce to allow the Connector to locate and link to the matching Relationship within PrecisionLender


Q: What is synced between PrecisionLender Relationships and Salesforce Accounts?

A: A summarized roll-up of the existing business for a given relationship that you are feeding to PrecisionLender as part of the Relationship Awareness process (existing business you already have on your books).


Q: What is synced between PrecisionLender Opportunities and Salesforce?

A: Prospective Opportunity data for each Relationship within PrecisionLender (new business you are trying to win). Each piece of an opportunity in PrecisionLender (loan, deposit or fee product) is mapped back to an individual PrecisionLender Account object within Salesforce.


Q: Is Relationship syncing required to achieve Opportunity syncing?

A: Nope!  Opportunity syncing and Relationship syncing are two separate functions that sync different types of data.  



We are noticing that some updates made to PrecisionLender Opportunities are not being automatically reflected in Salesforce.

  • Check to make sure that the stage names in Salesforce match your PrecisionLender Opportunity stage names exactly.  The matching on these names are exact and case-sensitive.
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