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2017-09-08 - Introducing Andi® Tutorials

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Andi® has an exciting new skill set to assist PrecisionLender users - tutorials! Andi® can now guide users through different processes on the opportunity screen. Currently, Andi® offers five tutorials (listed below) but she's working hard to learn more. 


Andi® Tutorials will show PrecisionLender users how to...

  • Print an Opportunity
  • Set Payment Frequencies
  • Price a Deposit
  • Delete a Loan
  • Create a Conversion Loan


Tutorials are presented in addition to support articles as options when users ask Andi® a question. The example below shows that the user searched the term 'Payment Frequency' and was presented with a tutorial entitled 'Show Me How to Set Payment Frequencies' along with two relevant support articles. 


When a user clicks on the name of the tutorial, Andi® will show users where to click to complete a process. The blue circle on each pop-up is meant to represent the step the user is currently on vs. the number of steps they need to complete the process, so 1/2 means they are on step 1 of 2. 



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