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2017-09-08 - Introducing Andi Tutorials

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Andi has an exciting new skill set to assist PrecisionLender users - tutorials! Andi can now guide users through different processes on the opportunity screen. Currently, Andi offers five tutorials (listed below) but she's working hard to learn more. 


Andi Tutorials will show PrecisionLender users how to...

  • Print an Opportunity
  • Set Payment Frequencies
  • Price a Deposit
  • Delete a Loan
  • Create a Conversion Loan


Tutorials are presented in addition to support articles as options when users ask Andi a question. The example below shows that the user searched the term 'Payment Frequency' and was presented with a tutorial entitled 'Show Me How to Set Payment Frequencies' along with two relevant support articles. 


When a user clicks on the name of the tutorial, Andi will show users where to click to complete a process. The blue circle on each pop-up is meant to represent the step the user is currently on vs. the number of steps they need to complete the process, so 1/2 means they are on step 1 of 2. 



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