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2017-09-13 - Release Notes

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Important New Features



  • Users will no longer be able to delete the default opportunity stage. Another stage will need to be set as the default before it can be deleted.



  • We've added the ability to show/hide the FTP section of the Relationship and Relationship Impact screens. By default these will be hidden, but users can choose to display them via a checkbox.
  • Commercial Loan Products can now be set up with two Loss Given Default values (annual loss and credit capital) for clients who have Facility Ratings enabled.
  • Improved performance for the Opportunity Dashboard Export.
  • Updated label names and placements for loan-centric data in the Loan-Centric Salesforce Connector.
  • Improved Rate Sheets printouts for users with the "View All" only permissions in Rate Sheets.
  • Admins can explicitly assign specific roles to service users for our API. This will allow them to restrict a particular set of service user credentials to only access a portion of the API instead of everything.
  • Added icons to Andi®'s help resources to help indicate whether she is suggesting articles (indicated by a question mark icon) or an Andi® Tutorial (indicated by an arrow icon).
  • Added some small aesthetic improvements to Rate Sheets.
  • We will now show the Effective Yield (Interest Income/Average Assets) instead of the Tax Equivalent Yield on tax exempt opportunities.
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