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2017-11-07 - Release Notes

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Important New Features

  • Since we've made some improvements to the HTML5 version of Rate Sheets (see below), we're removing the "Revert to Silverlight Rate Sheets" button. If you have any trouble using the HTML5 Rate Sheets, please send us an email at and let us know!



  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Target ROE was being displayed for loans in regions with All Equity Funding.
  • Fixed an issue where the ROE for a loan displayed in PrecisionLender and the ROE we calculated in our engine wasn't matching for certain loans.
  • The Relationship Awareness process will no longer flag relationships as transferred when a different "default" owner is detected as the proposed owner.
  • Fixed an issue where opportunities created in a CRM could be deleted in PrecisionLender.



  • The Active Deposit Accounts data feed will load faster now.
  • Added two new fields (Servicing Costs and Annual Revenue) to the Loan Centric Salesforce Connector package.
  • Clients who are SSO-only will no longer see the password change area in the Accounts pop-up.
  • Modified Rate Sheet export so worksheets never have the same name, which can cause a corrupt workbook.
  • Rate Sheet printouts will now put each term table on a separate page.
  • Rate Sheet printouts will no longer remove line breaks or extra spaces from descriptions.
  • Added the ability to apply an earnings factor on capital at the regional level. 
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