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2017-12-5 - Release Notes

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Important Updates



  • Fixed an issue where printing an opportunity with multiple scenarios would always print the last Scenario.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect totals to be shown on opportunity prints for relationships and deposits.
  • Fixed an issue causing values on opportunity printouts to differ from the user interface
  • Corrected LinkedIn link on the login page.
  • Improved reliability and efficiency for banks with issues sending user welcome emails.



  • Administrators now have the option to show the Regulatory and Economic Capital for the Projected Revenue Schedule product within Other Products. 
  • Added the ability for Administrators to pick which capital to use for earnings on capital
  • In Advanced Analytics, Credit Risk and Profitability now take the region and product preferences into account for capital values.
  • Added ROE adjustment and warnings to the Rate Sheet For Committee Printout.
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