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2017-12-19 - Release Notes

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Important New Features

  • Scheduled Structures for Interest Rate and Spread
    • We have added the ability to price scheduled interest rates (for fixed rate loans) and scheduled spreads (for adjustable and floating rate loans). These will be disabled by default but can be enabled at the product level. 
    • Creating a Custom Schedule for Rates and Spreads.
  • LOC Scheduled Availability
    • We've added an option at the product level to define the portion of the commitment on a Line of Credit expected to be available to the borrower. If this option is enabled, a new column will be added to the Commitment pop-up in an opportunity. This option will be disabled by default and can be turned on at the product level. For more information, see Pricing a Revolving Line of Credit or Setting Up Commercial Loan Products
  • Scheduled Commitments for Lines of Credit
    • To streamline pricing Lines of Credit, we have removed the Expected Balance field and moved the Initial Balance and Average Utilization fields to the Commitment pop-up. Now, when pricing a line of credit, you can either set the balance and utilization for the life of the loan, or you can create a commitment schedule to show the expected utilization. This change will be available for all Lines of Credit, and does not need to be enabled at the product level. For more information, see Pricing a Revolving Line of Credit.



  • Improved Data Ingress Upload API to better handle responses for corrupt or missing files.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Deposit Ratesheet and Loan Ratesheet endpoints in the API were returning incorrect data.
  • Fixed an issue where caps and floors were erroneously being calculated for Swap loans.
  • Fixed an issue where Average Loan Balance for closed opportunities did not show correctly in the Full Opportunity and Relationship printouts.
  • Fixed an issue where we were displaying incorrect spread lock text for conversion loans.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Email Scenario Link" button was not generating an email when clicked.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect totals for Average Balance were being shown on printouts for certain opportunities.
  • Fixed an issue where long descriptions in Rate Sheets would cause the printouts to display very small font.
  • Fixed an issue where the default Rate Lock could exceed the Maximum Allowable Rate Duration in the product setup. 
  • Fixed an issue where default floors not listed on the product page were showing up in opportunities priced for that product type.
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