PrecisionLender now offers clients the option of uploading their Relationship Awareness (RA) data via our Data Ingress Upload API. PrecisionLender also offers clients to utilize our RA Hashing and Upload Tool to upload RA data to PrecisionLender. To learn more about this data upload method, visit Getting Started with the RA Hashing and Upload Tools.


Requirements to Set Up and Use the Data Ingress Upload API

  • Admin privileges to manage Service User Accounts in PrecisionLender
  • Basic knowledge of APIs
  • PrecisionLender API access 
    • API Access is enabled by PrecisionLender - if you have questions regarding your access, contact support at support@precisionlender.com.


Configure the PrecisionLender Instance for API Uploads

Create a dedicated Service User Account with the 'Data Ingress' role. For instructions on how to set up a Service User Account, visit Service User Account Access For PrecisionLender API.


Preparing Your Data

The API upload functionality is not able to modify the data before it is transmitted so you must ensure all sensitive data such as account numbers, CIF numbers, or Tax ID numbers are removed or hashed prior to uploading the data. We take the security of your data very seriously so please contact us if there are any questions and we can provide recommendations on how to hash the data and which data points need to be hashed.

Once all the necessary data points are hashed, zip the files prior to upload (required). 


Calling the Endpoints

A summary of the major steps is below:

  1. Initiate an upload session ("Start Upload Session" endpoint). A successful post will return a unique GUID value that represents the session. This value is used in the next set of calls.
  2. Upload zip files one at a time ("Upload Relationship Awareness File" endpoint) using the session Id you received from step #1. Multiple delimited files can be included in one zip file.
  3. Close the session ("Commit Upload Session" endpoint) by posting the session Id to the proper endpoint. This will complete the upload process and the application will begin processing your data uploads.

Note: An alternate endpoint is provided in the event an upload session needs to be cancelled ("Abort Upload Session") but it cannot be called if the session has already been committed.



How long can a session remain open?

There is no hard limit. Most clients may expect to have all their files at once and upload them at the same time though others source multiple files from different systems and do not receive them all at the same time. It is perfectly normal to open a session early in the day and leave it open until the rest of the files are ready later in the day. Just be aware that PrecisionLender does not perform any processing until the session has been committed.

What happens if I don't commit a session?

Any uploaded data files will remain but we will not process the uploaded files.


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