• We've added fields for Risk Weighted Average to the hover popup for the Avg Regulatory Capital and Avg Regulatory Capital line items on the Financial Statements. For clients who do not use hyperlocalized language specific to their bank, these will be called "Regulatory RWA" and "Economic RWA".
  • We've improved the way we calculate participation amounts in RA. Instead of basing the participated amount of a loan on the initial commitment, we will now base that field on the current balance of the loan. 
  • Clients who do not have Caps and Floors enabled will now always see "Exclude Forward Rate Shift From Tax Exempt Calculations" in their Universal Assumptions. Before, we only displayed that if certain other settings were enabled.



Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where Facility Ratings were erroneously being added to some opportunities when the pricing date changed
  • We've fixed a bug with the GetOpportunity API endpoint's filters preventing any results from being returned