What is changing?

The Delivery to Promise report is being updated to add additional ROE metrics.

Report: Delivery to Promise

Location: Data Library --> Data Feeds

New Fields: 

Column Name Data Type Description
Relationship Ftp Roe Double  The current existing FTP ROE on the relationship, independent of this opportunity
Relationship Strategic Roe Double The current existing Strategic ROE on the relationship, independent of this opportunity


Why is it changing?

These changes add ROE values based on both the FTP and Strategic values for comparison.


Which datasets are impacted?

The below datasets are impacted.

Change Dataset Type Report name
Updated Data Library Delivery to Promise


How does my bank need to prepare for these changes?

These fields will be added at the end of the CSV files to ensure there is minimal impact to existing processes that use these feeds. It is recommended to review downstream processes that utilize the mentioned data feeds to ensure there is no breaking impact from these changes.


When are these changes happening?

These changes are effective as of today, February 16, 2023.