Portfolio Insights gives front-line bankers and bank management the guidance they need by providing timely, valuable insights into their bank’s portfolio. Armed with the right data at the right time, they can make informed decisions that improve the profitability of your portfolio while also decreasing risk.


Insights Provided

  • Banker Leaderboards - The banker leaderboard show how each Relationship Managers ranks in terms of things like number of opportunities, total volume, net income, and ROE. We also include a Banker Scorecard which tries to explain why a banker ranks as they do. Do they use Andi more or less than the others? Do they use scenarios? what is their close rate? what is their average loan size?
  • Anomaly Detection - Provides insight into anomalous activity within the relationship. We can identify LOC utilization or deposit balance drawdowns that are out of the ordinary. If we find a combination of both, the bank should be concerned about that relationship. Learn more about Anomaly Detection here.
  • We can provide a real-time Credit Migration Matrix. Learn more about the Credit Migration Matrix here.
  • Loan Comparison Andi Skill - Provides bankers with information about other loans in the portfolio that are similar to the one they’re pricing. Learn more about the Loan Comparison skill here.
  • Renewal Notification Emails - shows our banks which accounts are coming up for renewal.


Portfolio Insights provides tools for both management and for bankers:

  • For Management we have data in the form of downloadable files in Data Library, we have a Tableau Workbook, and with this product we are introducing visualizations in Data Library.
  • For Banker, we have in the moment coaching through Andi and emails that are being generated through Andi.