Market Insights for Fixed Rate Loans


This skill provides insights on how a fixed rate loan is priced relative to similar loans in its market.

Note: This is a premium skill and will be provided as part of the Market Insights Package


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Configuring and Testing the Skill

Shows skill configurations

Prior to enabling the skill for Everyone, you first need to ensure that the skill is working properly by testing it. To do this, navigate to the skill details page to configure and enable the skill for your Testing audience:

  • Select Testing under the Audiences section.
  • In the Version drop down, select a version of the skill that you would like to test.
  • In the Skill Configs section on the skill details page, enter the following information to configure the skill:
    • Minimum Percentile - Do not guide RMs to a percentile below this value, unless it requires a rate change greater than 'Maximum Rate Change'. Units: % (integer). Allowable range: 25 - 50. Defaults to 25.
    • Maximum Rate Change - Limit recommendations to increases in rate that are less than or equal to this value. Units: bps (integer). Allowable range: 10 - 1000. Defaults to 25.
    • Message 1 Region IDs - Comma separated list of region IDs that should get version 1 of the Market Insight message. Example: abc123, def456.
    • Message 2 Region IDs - Comma separated list of region IDs that should get version 2 of the Market Insight message. Example: abc123, def456.

When entering configurations in these fields, your bank admin should adjust the Maximum Rate Change to be in line with your banks approach (for example: 25 bps). This will ensure the following behavior:

    • If the RM is below the Minimum Percentile, recommend the Minimum Percentile, regardless of the increase required to get there.
    • If the RM is above the 75th percentile, no recommendation
    • Otherwise, coach the RM to the next quartile (25th, 50th, 75th)
    • If the next quartile is greater than the "Maximum Spread Change" above the current spread, then recommend increasing by the Maximum Spread Change
    • If the RM is ever within 5 bps of the next quartile, skip that quartile and recommend the next quartile
  • Select Save to enable the skill for the Testing audience. Once you've enabled this skill for testing, make sure you've added the users who will be testing the skill to the Testing audience.


Enabling the Skill for Everyone

After you've viewed and tested the skill, you are ready to enable the skill for Everyone.

  • Navigate back to the skill details page for the skill you were testing.
  • In the Audiences section, select the Everyone audience and choose the version of the skill you're enabling. When the latest skill version is published by the skill owner, this will automatically be available for selection in the list.
  • Re-enter the skill configurations.
  • Select Save to enable the skill for everyone.

Note: After enabling the skill for everyone, we recommend disabling it for the Testing audience.