2021-03-10 Release Notes (Data Library)

What is changing?

Data Feeds have been removed from the left navigation in the PrecisonLender application and can now be accessed in the Data Library


Why is it changing?

Moving the reporting to the Data Library takes advantage of our state-of-the-art Data Studio technology and will provide our user with a better reporting experience. 


Which datasets are impacted?

All Datasets have been moved.  They are:

  • Account Level All Scenarios
  • Account Level Pipeline Scenarios
  • Active Deposit Accounts
  • Active Loan Accounts
  • Active Other Accounts
  • Caps and Floors Impact
  • Login Usage
  • Opportunities
  • Opportunity Save History
  • Relationship Owner Match Audit
  • Relationships


How does my bank need to prepare for these changed?

Your bank may already be prepared as this effort to transition from Data Feeds to Data Library has been in progress for some time.  If you have any issues, please refer to Data Library.


When are these changes happening?

These changes will be effective on March 10, 2021.