Core Conversion Process for Relationship Awareness


If you are planning a core conversion or an overhaul to the system in which you are sourcing data for Relationship Awareness (RA), you’ll need to partner with our RA Client Team in order to complete this transition. 

This event will typically lead to a new implementation of RA, unless you are able to format your files and fields exactly as they are currently being shared with PrecisionLender.  Generally, our team will begin partnering with your team on updating RA after your conversion is complete but we may be able to begin some discovery work ahead of time. 


Core Conversion Process

Some helpful things to note:

  1. We require delimited data files for processing which will need to be created from your new system and shared with PrecisionLender.  Our team will provide you with a copy of our latest RA data request which will include the files and fields necessary to source after the conversion.
  2. Once files are generated from your new system, PrecisionLender will partner with your team to update the RA mapping and configuration.  There may be time during this transition when you are not able to upload new data to PrecisionLender; however, you can still price new deals and utilize data from existing relationships until the transition is complete.
  3. Once we are ready to make the transition to your new system, you will share your new data files with PrecisionLender via your current upload methodology.

Before this conversion event, you will need to notify our team so that we can partner with yours to determine the scope and cost of this work.  We recommend this notification is provided at least 6 months prior to the estimated completion of your conversion, to reduce the amount of time that RA is not being updated with refreshed data.

Including the following details will help us understand the complexity of your conversion:

  • What is the anticipated date of your conversion?
  • Is your conversion related to a merger or acquisition?
  • Will your account numbers remain the same in the new system?
  • Will your relationship identifiers remain the same in the new system?


Please reach out to your Client Experience Manager or contact with any questions or notifications for an upcoming conversion.