Upcoming Libor Changes

We're ending support for Libor rates in PrecisionLender in accordance with US and international regulatory guidelines as of June 30. If you have not already removed Libor from your PrecisionLender settings, you will need to update your settings to fully remove Libor before June 30If you are still using Libor after June 30, it may cause issues accessing opportunities, rate sheets, or other areas of PrecisionLender. We’ve put together a FAQ document that gives more detail on our discontinuation of Libor support: Libor Sunsetting FAQ

If you're having trouble locating where Libor is being used in your assumptions, or if you have other questions about the upcoming end of Libor support, please reach out to support@precisionlender.com or to your BC/CSM.


Expansion of the Risk Rating Override Feature

We've expanded our Risk Rating Override feature to allow users to override the Risk Rating in the Relationship Tab within an Opportunity at the core account level, and toggle the propagation of a Relationship's Risk Rating to its underlying accounts on and off. The Risk Rating Overrides only persist until RA runs again. Once RA is run, the risk rating is overwritten by the data sent through RA.


Relationship Risk Rating Propagation Toggle

Users can choose whether they want to override the Risk Rating at the attached Relationship and apply to the underlying Relationships and entities on and off through a checkbox in the user interface. If the checkbox is selected, then the Risk Rating will be overridden at the attached Relationship level and all of its underlying Relationships and core accounts. If the checkbox is deselected, then the Risk Rating Override will only be applied to the current attached Relationship and its core accounts.   



Risk Rating Override at the Core Account Level

Users will have the ability to change any of the Risk Ratings at the core account level only. Users will NOT have the ability to change the Risk Rating at a child Relationship level, but can change the risk rating of the core accounts attached to the Relationship.  



If you're not currently using the Risk Rating Override functionality but would like to start, reach out to support@precisionlender.com or to your BC/CSM.