Financial Statement Updates Now Available

We’re excited to announce that we are releasing much-anticipated changes to our Financial Statements:

  • Net Non-Interest Expense has been removed as a standalone line item and its sub-fields have been moved under new fields: Total Non-Interest Income and Total Non-Interest Expense.
  • Total Non-Interest Income is a new field that now includes Annual Fees and Unused LOC fees, which are now displayed as positive values.
  • Total Non-Interest Expense is a new field that includes the total of Servicing Expenses and, for clients using Configurable Expenses, the Other Expense field.
  • Other Income has been removed as a standalone line item and has been consolidated into the Total Non-Interest Income field.

These changes will be visible everywhere we currently show Financial Statements, including on the Opportunity, Advanced Analytics, Printouts, Data Library, Data Studio, and the Treasury tab, and these changes will apply retroactively to existing opportunities in the UI. We recommend opening and re-saving any existing opportunities you plan to continue working with to view the Financial Statement updates on those printouts. New opportunities will automatically show the updated Financial Statement.

For more information on the new Financial Statement changes, see Understanding Financial Statements


Configurable Expenses on Loans and Deposits

We now offer the ability for admins to create multiple tier-based expenses for loan and deposit products. These Configurable Expenses can be configured in a variety of different ways and will be treated as recurring expenses. Admins can also choose to set these expenses to be optional, default, or required. For more information on setting up Configurable Expenses, see Configurable Expenses