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Searching within PrecisionLender

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Using the Search Box

Searching within PrecisionLender is pretty straightforward and you will find a search box on the upper-right side of the following screens:

  • Opportunities
  • Relationships
  • Rate Sheets
  • Tasks
As you type into this box, the items on the screen will be automatically filtered in real-time.




  • Make sure that your Region Bar is set to include your desired scope.  If you want to search across your entire bank, click on the left-most region name which should be your bank's name.
  • You will only be able to search for items for which you have view access.  See your local PrecisionLender administrator for help in this area. 


What fields are searchable?

Pretty much any non-numeric field associated with an opportunity is indexed by this search field.  For example, here is the official list of the indexed fields when searching on the Opportunities screen:

  • Lender first name
  • Lender last name
  • Lender region name
  • Lender user name
  • Opportunity name
  • Stage
  • Active Scenario name
  • Loan / Deposit / Other account names
  • Product
  • Relationship Name
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