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Adding an Existing Relationship to a Pricing Opportunity

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Our Relationship Awareness module allows the ability for you to see how much a specific customer is worth to your bank (and to your competition) by importing relevant account data for loans, deposits and other fee-based business directly into PrecisionLender from your core system.  If you do not currently have access to this feature and would like to learn more, check out our article on Relationship Awareness - overview and frequently asked questions.


To attach a relationship to an opportunity, open a new opportunity and click on the “Relationship” field to bring up a list of all of the relationships that have been imported from your core.  You can click on the “Name” header to sort the list alphabetically, or you can search for your client with the search field. If using the search field, type part of or the full name of the relationship, and then hit enter to see the results. 


Selecting relationship dropdown to attach opportunity to existing relationship


Next, click on the name of the relationship you want to associate with this opportunity. If you're unable to view the full name of the relationship, hover over a relationship name to see the full name. 

Shows how to hover to see the full name of a relationship

After you select the relationship, click "Select".

This will add the Relationship Impact tab on the upper right, which you can click for information on how this opportunity affects your Relationship's profitability as a whole. 


location of relationship impact tab


To learn more about the Relationship Impact tab, visit Understanding Relationship Impact

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