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Transferring a Relationship to Another Lender

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Within the Relationship Awareness module, relationships are assigned to PrecisionLender users according to information provided directly from your bank’s core system. However, there may be situations where that information is not current: a lender is no longer with your bank, or the original owner was in an administrative rather than a lending function. PrecisionLender easily lets you transfer Relationships from one user to another within the application, so that they can readily be managed by the lenders who need them. The ability to transfer relationship ownership is specified in the rights and privileges of a given user security profile, so if you do not see these arrows in your Relationship list, see your PrecisionLender System Administrator.


Transferring relationships within PrecisionLender is quick and easy. An arrow icon (Transfer Icon) in your Relationship list indicates your user security profile has the right to transfer a relationship from one lender to another. Transfers made in this way will persist through subsequent updates to data from your core system.

  • Click the "Transfer" button on the Relationship Grid.

Click Transfer at the top.

  • You can also select the "Transfer" button at the top of the screen inside a Relationship.

Click Transfer at the top.

  • Choose the new Relationship owner from the list of Lenders and click "Transfer". You may need to refresh your browser to see the updated owner in your list of Relationships.

 Select Transfer on the dialog box.




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