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Changes to Splitting Relationships

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We've made a couple changes that affect when a relationship can be split.  A Relationship has an external identifier that connects it back to the core system.  Previously it was possible to split a relationship with only one external identifier, this would leave one relationship with no ties back to the core system.  We've made two changes to prevent this from happening.  

The first change is the split button will be disabled when there are less than two external identifiers in a relationship.  


Shows how the 'Split' option is not available if there is only one relationship.


The button will be enabled when there are multiple external identifiers. 


Shows how the 'Split option is available if there is more than one relationship.



The second change is on the split popup window.  You are now required to have at least one external identifier in both of the relationships before you can split the relationship.  A red error icon will appear if one of the external identifiers list is empty and the save button will be disabled.  When you split a relationship you will now be required to move at least one external identifier to the new relationship and keep one in the old relationship.


Shows how to split out external identifiers when spliting relationships.




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