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Setting Up Users

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In this article we will cover:


The Users Section

  • Open the Administration pane (lower left-hand side of the application)
  • Choose Regions & Users and then scroll down to the Users section. Note that you'll only see the Users section if you have the Manage Users permission as part of your security profile.

Creating and Editing Users

Add a new User

  • To add a new user, click the New button
  • To edit an existing user, click their Username/Email to modify any of the above fields in addition to the following
    • Lock Out
      • Checking this box will restore access to a user who has been locked out of their account
    • If changing the Username/Email and your bank is uploading core relationship data to PrecisionLender, it is critical that you also notify our support team of any email address changes so that we can adjust our relationship mappings accordingly (See Mapping Core Relationships to PrecisionLender Users below).
  • When you are done, you can either Save, or Save and Send Email. 
    • The Save and Send Email will send a welcome email to the user with instructions to set up their password.

Creating a User


Removing Users

For database consistency (among other reasons), it is not possible to completely remove or delete a user from PrecisionLender.  However, the user's account can be disabled in cases where that user no longer needs access to the system.  

An example would be if a lender leaves the bank or moves to a different area of responsibility.

To disable a user 

  1. Log into PrecisionLender
  2. Click on the Administration pane (lower left-hand side of the application)
  3. Make sure that Regions and Users menu is selected
  4. Select the user's Username/Email from the Users list near the bottom of the screen
  5. Uncheck the Enabled box and save the user's record

To see disabled users in the Administration area

  1. Log into PrecisionLender
  2. Click on the Administration pane (lower left-hand side of the application)
  3. Make sure that Regions and Users menu is selected
  4. Check the Show disabled users box below the list of Users to include disabled users in the list

Dealing with disabled users

After a user is disabled, that user will no longer appear in the Filter Bar.  However items owned by that user will remain and should be reassigned to other users.

  • Filter Bar: The user will no longer appear in the Filter Bar drop-down menus.
  • Opportunities: Opportunities owned by the user will persist, but should be reassigned to another user manually.
  • Relationships: Relationships owned by the user will persist, but should be reassigned to another user manually.


Mapping Core Relationships to PrecisionLender Users

If you have the Relationship Awareness Module:
  • Your PrecisionLender account is integrated with your core system
  • Creating new users within PrecisionLender is only half of the battle!
  • Those users must be mapped to your Core Lender Codes.
  • You can add/remove officer/responsibility codes for users.
    • This will notify the relationship awareness team that the codes have changed so they can update the relationship awareness import configurations.
    • You can enter multiple codes by separating them with semi-colons, as seen in the example.
 Officer code field in user edit screen

How mapping works

  • In order for a core relationship to be linked to a PrecisionLender user, you must first provide us with a mapping of core lender codes (or other unique identifier your core system uses) to PrecisionLender usernames (email addresses) like this:
Core Lender Code PrecisionLender Username
  • Once you have provided us with the mappings of lender codes to PrecisionLender usernames, core relationships will appear in the PrecisionLender and be properly related to your users.

Default mapping user

  • Your account has a 'default' mapped user (ie, set up so that any core relationships that can not be mapped, due to missing information, will still flow into PrecisionLender.  However, these relationships will be associated to the default user instead of their respective lenders in the core system.
  • If you notice existing relationships within PrecisionLender that are mapped to the default user, and should not be, please reach out to our support team and we’ll help address the issue.

Adding or changing users at a later date

  • Any time you create a new user within PrecisionLender, no core relationship data will be mapped to that user until you first provide us with their core mapping information.  
  • If you’re interested in adding a new user and linking relationship information to them, simply call us or submit a support ticket to get the ball rolling.
  • You will also need to notify us if you change the email/username of one of your users since that will also affect the relationship mapping.

User Access Settings

Please see the User Access Settings for Passwords and IP Restrictions article for more details.


Send Welcome Emails

A Welcome Email is a PrecisionLender email that will result in users needing to reset their passwords. This option may be useful if password settings  have been updated for all user and their passwords need to be updated.

Option to send welcome emails by region

Clicking 'Send Welcome Emails' button above the Users section will load a screen with a list of all users. You can select the users one at a time by clicking the box to the left of their name.

You can also send welcome emails to users by region by clicking "Send emails to all users by regions" in the gray field below the users list. The dropdown menu will display the regions and subregions you can send welcome emails to.Once you click a region, all of the users with that Home Region will be selected. You can also modify this selection by checking or unchecking the users from the list. Once you have selected all of the users that should receive the Welcome Email, click 'Send Welcome Emails'.


Security Audit

PLease see the Security Audit Report for more details.


Login History

Please see the Login History Report  article for more details.



Selecting the 'Refresh' button above the Users section allows you to refresh the list of user data after updates have been made. 


Print Users

Selecting 'Print' allows you to print a pdf of all users with a PrecisionLender account.

Printed Users List example


If you'd like a CSV or IQY file of all users, see the Login Usage report in the Security section of the Data Feeds (you must have the Data Feed Access permission as part of your security profile.

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