Getting Started Guide for Administrators

Welcome PrecisionLender administrators!

Getting started with PrecisionLender is simple and easy! We have created an Implementation Overview (printable version available at the bottom of this article) that will give you a high level overview of the process.  Once you have reviewed that guide, you will need to perform the following steps in order to add your active users and configure PrecisionLender to meet the needs of your organization.


Step 1: Activate your PrecisionLender Account

Your welcome email includes a link to activate your account where you will be asked to create a new password. After setting your password you can login using your username (email address) and your new password.


Step 2: Configure Your Organization

One of the powerful features of PrecisionLender is the ability to track and report pricing opportunities by client, region, state, branch or lender. In addition, using your bank's reporting structure, you can allow different reporting entities to use different products, funding curves, targets, etc. This provides maximum flexibility to manage your loan and deposit pricing function.

To accomplish this, you must set-up the reporting structure you wish to use for your organization. This reporting structure can always be modified at any time as your organization changes.

  • Login to your PrecisionLender account
  • Go to the Administration pane by clicking on the button located on the sidebar menu in the bottom left. This will take you to the "Access & Security" section of the Administration function.
  • Go to the Regions sub-section and click on the New button next to your bank name. Your bank or holding company acts as the root region.
  • Build the reporting hierarchy by adding as many reporting entities as necessary to represent the regions, states, branches, etc. that you wish to track and report.


Step 3: Set up User Profiles

PrecisionLender requires each active user to be assigned a User Profile.

The User Profile determines the level of access and security that the user has within the application. The default profile is "Standard User".

You can create custom profiles by clicking on the "New" button in the User Profile section of the Administrator function. Assign the profile a unique name and select the attributes from the menu. When you are finished click "Save".


Step 4: Add Active Users

To add all of your active users to PrecisionLender, go to the "Manage Users" sub-section and click the "New" button. Complete the form. Ensure that each user is assigned to the appropriate reporting entity (i.e. region, branch, etc.). Also, be sure to assign the appropriate User Profile to each user. Once you have completed the form check the "Enable" box and click "Save".

When the user has been added and the "Enable" box is checked, PrecisionLender will automatically send a "Welcome" email to the user with instructions on how to log into the application. The user is now immediately able to begin using PrecisionLender to process loan and deposit opportunities.


Step 5: Start Pricing Loans

Congratulations! Once you have completed the 4 simple steps above, your organization is ready to begin using PrecisionLender.