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User Access Settings for Password and IP Restrictions

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To View or Change User Access settings for your organization:

  • Click on the Administration tab in the lower left-hand corner of the application
  • Scroll down to the Users section
  • Click the "User Access Settings" button
  • Access to this area is controlled by the Manage Access permission


Shows the User Access Settings. Individual IP Addresses (or wildcards/ranges) can be added to the Filters list.


Client Name: Should match the name of financial institution

Password Expiration Policy: Determines how long the current user passwords will be valid until a password change is required

  • Expire After 30 days (default)
  • Expire After 60 days
  • Expire After 90 days
  • Never Expires

Password History Policy: Determines how many past passwords are off-limits as new passwords during a change

  • None
  • Cannot Match Last 1
  • Cannot Match Last 3 (default)
  • Cannot Match Last 5
  • Cannot Match Last 10 

Minimum Password Length: Minimum number of characters required for a valid password (default = 8)

Password Complexity Requirements: Determines what types of characters must be included in a valid password.  A checked box will require at least one character of the specified type.  If no boxes are checked, then there are no complexity requirements.

  • Letters and Numbers
  • Mixed Case
  • Special Characters (default)

Maximum Failed Login Attempts: Number of sequential failed login attempts allowed before then next failed attempt results in a user lock-out (default is 3)

Password Lockout Policy: Determines the length of an account lock-out before the user is allowed to retry a login.  The Lock Until Removed option will require a system administrator from your bank to manually intervene for locked accounts.

  • Lock 15 Minutes (default)
  • Lock 30 Minutes
  • Lock 1 Hour
  • Lock Until Removed

IP Address Filters: These allow for your bank's user logins only from specified locations via an IP address white-list. 

Exercise caution before using IP Address Filters to ensure that you do not accidentally prevent logins from your current location, unless that is your goal.

  • An Asterisk (*) may be used as a wild card to accept a range of IP addresses. 
    • For Example:
      • If you white-list 208.1.1.*
      • No matter what the last octet is, logins will be allowed for any IP address that begins with 208.1.1.*
  • A Dash (-) may be used to accept a more specific range of IP addresses.
    • For Example:
      • A range of denotes that logins will be allowed for IP addresses through

If you accidentally lock out your location by mistake, please contact our support department for assistance.

If you wish to have a specific user exempted from your IP filter policy:

  • Click on their Username in the Users section.
  • Check the Exempt From IP Address Filters box.
  • This user will then be allowed to log into their PrecisionLender account from any IP address, regardless of your filter settings.


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