Relationship Awareness Go-Live Meeting

The Relationship Awareness Go-Live Meeting represents the last step in the Relationship Awareness setup process


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Prior to your Relationship Awareness Go Live meeting, please complete the following checklist:

  • Have your IT team add the domain * to your email spam filter whitelists where appropriate.
  • Determine a frequency schedule for data updates (weekly is recommended).
  • Decide where core data files will be housed (server/drive/folder) for scheduled updates... this will be known as your 'upload folder'
  • Export core data files to your upload folder.
  • Download the PLI upload tool package to the same folder as the exported core data files, but DO NOT attempt to run the tool. We will perform this task during the meeting.  We will provide a download link to you prior to your meeting
  • You and your IT team member should both read the PLI automation support article: Automating Your Uploads Using pli.exe
  • A PrecisionLender System Administrator credentials are used for this meeting in plain text context, so that individual should set his/her PrecisionLender password to a "throw-away" version that they will reset immediately at the conclusion of the Go-Live meeting. See Resetting My Password for assistance if needed.


Goals of Meeting:

  • To make sure everyone on the call understands the relationship data upload process
  • To perform the first production upload of the client's Relationship data into the PrecisionLender system
  • Expected time commitment for meeting : 30 minutes


Required Participants:

  • PrecisionLender business analyst and technical team
  • Client project leader
  • Client IT team member who will be sharing their screen while we go through the command-line upload process
  • Anyone else on the client side interested


What will happen during the meeting?


  • We will quickly go over the Relationship Awareness process for anyone new to the project
  • We will discuss your update frequency and day of week preferences

Initial upload session

  • Your IT team member will share his/her screen with the rest of the participants and will then be the 'driver' as we execute our very first data transfer using our secure upload tool (pli.exe)

Post upload discussion

  • We will then discuss automation mechanisms available along with timing requirements
  • Discussion of monitoring process
  • Discussion of any remaining questions