Exporting Data from the Opportunity Dashboard

When viewing the Opportunities Dashboard, the Export button will allow you export the opportunity data for the currently selected Region (and all sub-Regions) into spreadsheet format for offline analysis.

Shows where to select the Export button on the dashboard


When you click the 'Export' button, a modal will pop up asking you to specify:

  • Export Report Type
  • Export Format
  • Forecast Category 
  • Include Payoffs/Renewals 

Shows the export popup window


Export Report Type

Pipeline Report:

  • A Pipeline Report Includes all opportunities that are at a stage earlier than ‘Closed’.  Close Date refers to the Close Date or Projected Close Date on the opportunity within the application, so make sure these are kept up to date and reflect reality
  • Be aware that the Pipeline report will include all product types

Production Report:

  • A Production Report includes all opportunities for which the closing date is within the date window defined in the Export Settings dialog box. 
  • Start Date: The earliest closing date for an opportunity to be included in the export
  • End Date: The latest closing date for an opportunity to be included in the export


Notes regarding Funding Needs

Although both the Pipeline and Production exports include funding needs columns in dated buckets (<30, 30-59, 60-89, etc.), these exports are not intended to be a complete picture of overall funding needs.  Instead, they are simply a list of specific opportunities along with the funding impact of each of those opportunities.


Export Format

Raw Data
Includes data in a simple one-sheet XML spreadsheet that can be easily opened in Microsoft Excel. The Raw Data format is well suited for creating pivot tables or other analysis within Excel.

Includes a rolled-up report of opportunities broken down by Stage and Lender with subtotals for each level of breakdown. Opportunities with a projected closing date in the past (before today’s date) will be highlighted via a Projected Close Date in red. This indicates a conflict between the Projected Closing Date and the Stage for a given Opportunity.

Forecast Category

PrecisionLender allows you to indicate what types of opportunities you would like to include in the export:

  • Best Scenario -  All opportunities are included in the export
  • Pipeline - Only opportunities that have a good chance of closing 
  • Commit - Only opportunities that are in the final stages of closing

Please note that these categories are tied to specific Opportunity Stages in PrecisionLender. You can view these categories and their mapped stage by navigating to Administration > General. 


Show Renewals

Checking this box will include opportunities that payoff or renew existing accounts.  See Working with Renewals and Payoffs for more information.



Some of our clients choose not to include Renewals in their Pipeline Reports so that they can better assess lender performance.  Opportunities are considered Renewals if one or more of their pipeline scenario loans has a Payoff/Renewal amount entered.