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Setting up Pipeline-Only Products

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What is a Pipeline-Only Product?

Although Consumer loans are priced off of a standard rate sheet, there are times where it is desirable to see some of these loans in your pipeline. PrecisionLender allows for this through the use of Pipeline-Only Products.  


Creating a Pipeline-Only Product

The "Pipeline Use Only" option is available on all commercial loan products.  Simply create a new commercial loan product (or edit an existing one) and check the box labeled "Pipeline Use Only (Not Individually Priced)".  This loan product will now be available for lenders to use... although there will be a smaller set of inputs available.

Pipeline only checkbox highlighted on the product edit page



When adding a Pipeline Only Opportunity, you will notice that there is no target or return information at the bottom of the screen.  This is because these loans should not be individually priced (pulled from a standard rate sheet instead).  Simply input the information about the loan, and save the Opportunity.


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