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Using Opportunity Stages

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Using Opportunity Stages on the Dashboard


From the Dashboard, you can see all of your existing Open Opportunities by clicking the categories on the left.


Showing the Opportunities Dashboard with the Open Opportunities option selected from the left side of the screen


An individual lender will have the Filter Bar set to him or themselves, while someone updating opportunities for multiple lenders will have the Filter Bar at the bank or regional level.


Shows that filter at the top of the application is at the Lender level


Scrolling to the list of opportunities and clicking on the Stage permits a quick update to a later stage in the process including “Closed”.


 Shows all open opportunities for a specific lender and that you can click the 'Stage' for a specific opportunity and you can change it directly on the opportunities grid



To update a closing date, open the opportunity, update your date and click Save.


Shows the modal that pops up to change the stage directly on the opportunities grid for a specific opportunity


Using Opportunity Stages Inside an Opportunity


You can also update the stage and projected closing date from inside an opportunity.


Shows an opportunity


Clicking in the Stage field will open a drop down menu allowing you to edit the Stage of this opportunity. You can see that I can move this deal forward (Actively Pricing, Terms Accepted, Awaiting Close, Awaiting Approval, Closed) or mark this deal as Lost if either we or the borrower decided not to move forward with this opportunity.


Shows how you can select a new Stage for the opportunity by clicking the 'Stage' dropdown menu in the upper right of the opportunity screen


Make sure to click Save when you are done. For more information on the different opportunity stages, visit Setting Up Opportunity Stages.

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