PrecisionLender uses the pricing date to set cost of funds and underlying assumptions in the ROE calculation such as tax rate, target return, capital allocation, and other settings. It's important to ensure that the pricing date on your open opportunities in PrecisionLender is up to date because this will impact the accuracy of the return.

To Update the Pricing Date

In the opportunity, select either the calendar on the right side of the Pricing Date field or the fast forward arrow just to the right of the Pricing Date field to update the pricing date.


Shows the fast forward arrow for opportunity pricing date


If you select the calendar, a small calendar will appear that will allow you to select any pricing date except a future pricing date for the opportunity.


Shows the small calendar when pricing date field is selected


If you select the fast forward button, the pricing date will automatically update to the current date.

Additionally, you can update the pricing date using your keyboard. You can simply type in the desired date, or select the calendar and use the arrow keys to navigate to the correct date.

Once the pricing date has been selected using either the calendar or fast forward button, a confirmation dialog will appear asking you to confirm if whether or not you want to update the pricing date.


Shows the updating assumptions pop-up window


By selecting 'Confirm', the funding curve and all product assumptions will update to the data in effect as of the selected pricing date. If you've created more than one scenario, saving an updated pricing date for one scenario will update the pricing date for your other scenarios. 

After updating the pricing date and prior to closing the opportunity, be sure to update the closing date if needed and save the changes to your opportunity.