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Hiding User Profiles from the Filter Bar

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What is the Filter Bar?

The Filter Bar is used in PrecisionLender to define the scope of what is displayed in lists of Opportunities, Relationships, and Tasks.  It allows display filtering based on an individual user or region. 

 the filter bar 

Hiding Users from the Filter Bar

The Filter Bar can is a useful tool, but can become cluttered if your bank has regions containing large numbers of users.  Some of our clients have groups of users such as loan assistants or credit analysts that need access to PrecisionLender, but that do not create or 'own' loans within the bank.  PrecisionLender allows entire User Profiles (groups) to be hidden from the Filter Bar with a simple checkbox setting within the Administration area.


  1. In the  "Administration" pane, select and open the User Profile you wish to hide from the Filter Bar
  2. In the edit screen for the profile you'll see a checkbox labeled "Hide From Filter Bar".  
    1. Checking that box will hide all members of that User Profile
    2. Unchecking that box will un-hide that User Profile so that its members again show in the Filter Bar.

the hide from filter bar checkbox on the security profile edit page


NOTE: There is a slight delay between saving a profile and having the information updated in the User Interface, usually about 15-20 seconds, although it can run longer in less ideal environments.

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