Do your lenders have a need to price a construction loan that will later convert into permanent financing?  Instead of pricing the two products separately, which assumes that both loans fund at the same time, consider setting up a Conversion product.  Conversion products allow you to price a shorter term product, like a Construction Loan, and then have it later convert into the permanent structure.

This process will provide a more accurate return as it will correctly fund the construction project as scheduled and then convert those funds into the permanent structure upon completion of the project.

Your Lenders can also learn more about pricing a Construction to Perm Loan here:


Creating a convertible product is simple as long as you have the appropriate Security Profile.

  1. Navigate to the Products Pane of the Administration Section, and click on the name of the product that you wish to set up a convertible product for. If you do not see an administration tab here, please contact your institution’s System Administrator for PrecisionLender and ask them to create the product for you.


  1. Click the edit button in the top left hand corner of the product screen.
  2. Under the Product Configurations & Defaults section, make sure the “ Enable Conversion Products” box is checked.
  3. Finally, choose the products that your Construction loan will convert into upon completion of the project.


  1. Click the "Save" button to save the changes.