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Upgrading your Relationship Upload Utility

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Before you upgrade 

  • PrecisionLender makes these instructions available to our customers so that they can perform these actions on their own if desired.  However, if you would rather have a member of our team walk you through the process in an online screen-sharing session, please contact our Support Team using the link below.  We are always happy to spend a little up-front time with your technical team to make sure things are running smoothly with your relationship data uploads!
  • In some cases we may wish to time your upgrade of the upload tool (PLI) with a change to your upload configuration settings.  In these cases, our Support Team will contact you to set up an upgrade window when we can perform the upgrade for you.


Instructions for upgrading your version of the upload tool

Prior to mid-2012, the file name of the upload tool was mpi.exe. It has since been changed to pli.exe, but old versions will continue to function going forward. If you wish to upgrade your version of mpi.exe or pli.exe to the latest, here is the recommended procedure.

  1. Download latest version of the pli package - please submit a support ticket and we will provide you a link to download the latest version
  2. Unzip the file on your local computer
  3. Copy the files into your data upload folder (replacing any existing files of the same name)
  4. If your previous version of the tool was named mpi.exe, delete that file
  5. Update your automation process to point to the correct executable (the new version of pli.exe)
  6. If you would like to test your setup after upgrading, please run your test and then send an email to to let us know. We will be able to confirm your data has successfully uploaded or assist you in trouble-shooting.



  • Do not delete, replace, or move any files other than those which are included in the zip file you receive from PrecisionLender Support.
  • This upgrade process works regardless of your current version of pli.exe (or mpi.exe). All new versions are backward compatible, so there is no harm in moving to a newer version.

  • If you had been previously required to open any firewall ports for the upload tool, you may need to update those rules if you are upgrading from mpi.exe to pli.exe.

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