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Using PrecisionLender in Virtual Environments

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Since PrecisionLender is a light-weight web-based application, everything happens within your web browser.  This makes PrecisionLender a good fit for virtual desktop environments such as Citrix.


Currently, the Rate Sheets section of PrecisionLender requires Microsoft Silverlight and there is a known Silverlight issue for Virtual Environments (e.g., Citrix)

When users go into the Rate Sheets section for the first time, their browser will prompt them to grant 100MB of local Silverlight storage to the PrecisionLender application.  Silverlight stores this local cache of data within the user's Profile area (typically %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\is ).  Microsoft's Silverlight technology is currently unable to store the data within the user's Roaming Profile area which is not an issue for most users.

In virtual environments such as Citrix, where users are essentially given a new PC every day, this results in users losing their local Silverlight cache when their virtual session is terminated.  These users will then be prompted, the next time they enter the Rate Sheets Section, to grant the storage space to PrecisionLender again.  

This is a known issue and we are currently working a long-term solution to prevent Citrix users from seeing these storage prompts.



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