Formatting Guidance for Relationship Awareness Custom Reports (Data Extracts)

The Goal

Our goal is to make extracting the required data as painless as possible for the client.  We then adapt our xml mappings to suit what has been provided.  The critical requirement is that the formatting of the data remain constant over time…  We’ll handle the rest.

We are flexible

Despite our preferences, our flexible xml-based field-mapping system enables us to work with data formatted in myriad ways, and we are can generally accommodate any formatting constraints imposed by your core system or data storage platform.

File Formats

The data will need to be in text files delimited in some way. We are indifferent to the delimiter. Examples:

  • CSV
  • TSV
  • space-delimited
  • pipe-delimited


We require certain data fields for Accounts (loans, deposits, etc.) and Relationships (entities that link accounts). The fields are specified in detail in our Relationship Awareness Process Overview and Data Request document. Examples of required fields:

  • Balance
  • Payment
  • Rate
  • Next Adjustment Date (on adjustable notes)

Data Types

These fields will fall into one of 4 formats:

  • Text - We have no length restrictions, though if a field contains your delimiter, it must be enclosed in quotes. Example field: Customer Name
  • Dates - We prefer MM/DD/YYYY but can work with other formats, including Julian. Example field: Origination Date
  • Integers - Whole numbers without any other formatting. Example fields: Payment Frequency, Interest Base Code
  • Numbers – Numeric values, generally with two decimal places. We prefer XX,XXX.XX without any additional formatting, with negative values using a leading minus sign instead of parentheses, but we can work with other formatting if required. Example fields: Interest Rate, Payment