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Security Audit Report

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What is it?

  • All PrecisionLender clients now have access to a full security audit report within the application.
  • This report is aimed at IT and security personnel wishing to audit their specific account for events that can change the way their users access PrecisionLender.

Accessing the Report

  • This report can be accessed from the Security Audit button on the Administration page as shown below and will open up a new window with the audit report.
  • You will have to have admin rights in order to access this report.

Events Captured

At present we are capturing the following events -

  • User related events such as:
    • User account creation
    • Enabling or disabling of user accounts
    • Changes to phone, email, security profile, region of user accounts
  • Login events such as:
    • Login failures
    • Password resets
    • Unsuccessful password change attempts
    • User lock outs
  • Changes to User Access Settings such as
    • Password expiration policy
    • Password history policy
    • Password lockout policy
    • Etc.
  • Changes to user profiles permission such as rights to create/delete/view opportunities, relationships, etc. and visible regions

Screen Shots

security audit button on the regions and users pane of the administration section


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