Printing PrecisionLender Administrative Assumptions

Many banks find that auditors often request additional information on the underlying assumptions within PrecisionLender.  It can be helpful to produce a hard copy of the assumptions once they are set and approved.


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Administration Section Printouts

Throughout the Administration Section, there are "Print" buttons that allow you to produce hard copies of the underlying assumptions for the following:

  • Regions & Users
    • Reporting Regions
    • Funding Packages
    • Security Profiles
    • Users
  • General
    • Opportunity Stages
    • Competitors
  • Products
    • Commerical Loan Products
    • Consumer Loan Products
    • Deposit Products
    • Other Products
  • Integrations
    • Service Users


Shows the Print option in Products section


Individual Assumption Printouts

For Funding Packages and Products, you will also find "Print" buttons at the top of each individual package or product page which will allow you to print a summary of everything for that specific item.


Shows the Print option in a specific product configuration page